The popularity (frequency) distribution of given names typically follows a power law distribution.

Since about 1800 in England and Wales and in the U.S., the popularity distribution of given names has been shifting so that the most popular names are losing popularity. For example, in England and Wales, the most popular female and male names given to babies born in 1800 were Mary and John, with 24% of female babies and 22% of male babies receiving those names, respectively. In contrast, the corresponding statistics for in England and Wales in 1994 were Emily and James, with 3% and 4% of names, respectively. Not only have Mary and John gone out of favor in the English speaking world, also the overall distribution of names has changed significantly over the last 100 years for females, but not for males. This has led to an increasing amount of diversity for female names.

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Harmony Duffy
Hailey Gallardo
London Munoz
Elizabeth Irby
Eleanor Lunsford
Daisy Sharpe
Breanna Sumner
Alexis Cutler
Khloe Ransom
Lily Forsythe
Paige Dillon
Melissa Cary
Julianna Pearce
Laura Gates
Ashlyn Joiner
Carly Bennett
Emely Deluca
Monica Perdue
Jayda Estep
Reagan Deloach
Carly Bowers
Autumn Barnhart
Jimena Purnell
Jasmin Kilpatrick
Kimberly Schuler
Ciara Lapointe
Isabel Diggs
Piper Chung
Lilly Dill
Addyson Cuellar
Kaitlyn Rosa
Breanna Billings
Hannah Jenkins
Grace Pyle
Crystal Levy
Morgan Houser
Nancy Robles
Danielle Bonner
Camille Britton
Dulce Worrell
Giselle Layne
Maria Gilchrist
Aniya Valenzuela
Briana Yoder
Savanna Diamond
Stephanie Main
Camila Driver
Kathryn Zavala
Esmeralda Bobo
Diana Roush